The school and the kindergarten are governed by the Supporters’ Registered Association of the Espoo Christian school. The association is a non-denominational association, and anyone interested in Christian education can be accepted as a member. 

The board of the association is responsible for the financial operations of the school, permissions, and the premises as well supervising the school overall. The board consists of 8 members elected at the annual general meeting. 

The school and the kindergarten both have also their own boards that develop and supervise the the educational programs, student admissions, and the teacher selection processes. 

The principals of the school and kindergarten are responsible for providing  operational leadership. 

To cover the costs of running the school, the school receives grants from the Finnish government according to the number of students. Grants are also received from the city of Espoo. In addition, the school raises funds by accepting donations and organizing fund-raising events. There are no tuition fees or other compulsory fees for the students. 

The kindergarten is financed by grants from the Finnish government and the city of Espoo as well as by a tuition fee.