Soita: 045 111 6404 (toimisto) Karapellontie 11, 02610 Espoo


The school and the kindergarten accept new students to all grades.

The general application period starts in January for the next academic year, which starts in August. Students can also apply at other times and it’s possible to enroll during the semester providing there is vacancy.

Students are elected based on an application and an interview. The purpose of the application process is to find out that the school can provide for the student’s educational needs according to the Finnish educational law as well as that the guardians accept the core values of the school and the kindergarten.

As part of the election process the school usually contacts the student’s previous school with a permission from guardians, in order to gain necessary information for a smooth transition into the school.

It is possible for a child to join the kindergarten without much knowledge of the  Finnish language. For studying at school adequate language skills are needed. If a student doesn’t know Finnish, it is possible to attend a preparatory class in one of the Espoo city schools for one academic year. The goal for these studies is to acquire adequate language skills in order to be able to follow teaching in Finnish. After a year the student can transfer into the Espoo Christian school. Espoo Christian school provides Finnish as a second language studies to support the student’s learning of Finnish.

The board of the school and kindergarten elect the students based on the previously described election process.

To start the application process, please fill in the application form and send it to the school.

For more information, contact the school or the kindergarten.