Christianity and Values

Espoo Christian school is an interdenominational Christian school. The school is an independent association and not formally affiliated with any one denomination or Church. Instead, it aims to cultivate a Christian community where students from different backgrounds are welcome. 

Christian values create the base for the school’s culture. Christianity is a natural part of the school life and teaching. Students are encouraged to discuss issues concerning Christianity and other world views openly, respecting each others’ views. Christianity shows also in other activities at the school, mostly in our culture and how we treat each other, in festivities and there is a little bit more religion in the curriculum. 

Every human being is valuable, an image of God and a target of His love. Every student is treated accordingly. The gifts of students are recognized and children are encouraged to use and develop them. The freedom of choice is respected, also in one’s beliefs. 

The school aims to have excellence in everything that it does. Therefore, the school is committed to the continuous assessment and development of its operations. The school is committed to developing support for students with special needs, which include providing challenges for advanced learners. 

The school aims to be a community that cares and encourages one another. From kindergarten through ninth grade, students learn skills to develop them as active and responsible members of their learning community. These skills include respecting and considering others, serving, interaction and interpersonal skills, taking responsibility, and leadership. 

Every member of the community is an example to others. Adults set an example for the students as well as students to each other. Respect spreads by modeling respect. 

The school acknowledges that parents are the primary educators of their children. The role of the school is to support parents in this role.