Preschool and Kindergarten (3-6 years)

Kindergarten Aarteet provides early childhood education for children ages 3-5 years based on Christian values, 6-year-olds participate in pre-primary education. The kindergarten follows the national curriculum for early chldhood and pre-primary education. It lays special emphasize on supporting the child’s development, the importance of social and interpersonal skills, and the preparation for school.

The kindergarten is part of the Espoo Christian School and is located in the same facilities with the school so there is a smooth transition from the early childhood education to the basic education.The kindergarten is nondenominational. It reaches beyond the boundaries of denominations.

Activities in the kindergarten are characterized by creativity and the joy of working together. Special emphasize is laid on encounters, rejoicing in diversity and being valued within the group. Other emphasizes are physical education, art and music.

The everyday activities and encounters both with children and adults reflect respect and honour. There is an attitude of serving each other. Joy and laughter are in the center of the daily lives. Every word and action communicates: You are part of our group, you belong!

Come along! You’re a friend -a great friend!
Hallelujah, towards the heaven!
I want to raise you up,
to listen what you say.
Together we create
something good and beautiful.
We leave our footseps in this World.

You can be you and I get to be me.
God has created me wonderfully.

Come along! You’re a friend…

We are more valuable
than precious stones and gold.
Kingdom of heaven is our home.

Come along! You’re a friend…

I have a task:
to do good and beautiful.

Come along! You are a friend…

Jesus, bless Gramma,
bless my little brother,
bless my friends in Pori and Oulu!

Come along! You are a friend…